E-mailing Services (Postaban):
Postaban is the electronic marketing platform of M2S. It is a method providing very successful results when used hand in hand with other marketing tools.  

Via Postaban;
• You can reach your customers periodically and receive feedback easily.
• You can promote your products and services.
• You can announce your news and events.
• You can carry out your campaigns.
Postaban is the fastest way to reach your target group. To tell you how to do it and apply is our job. First of all, we would like to tell you what Postaban does NOT do:

• Postaban does not send junk or spam e-mails.
• Postaban believes that the database is the most valuable treasure for companies. Thus, it does not share the clients’ database for other mass e-mailing services.
• Postaban does not send e-mails to people who would like to unsubscribe from the authorized database.
• Postaban is against unauthorized e-mail addresses sold in CDs.
• Postaban does not send e-mails without testing.
• Postaban does not send e-mails without approval
Pikare 2014
Pikare 2014